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Veterinary Vaccinations in Gastonia

Protect Your Pet’s Health with Vaccines

Vaccines are one of the easiest preventative measures you can give to your pet. Keeping up with your pet’s vaccination schedule is cited by the ASPCA as one of the best ways to keep your pet healthy throughout their life. Vaccines protect your pet from dangerous communicable diseases. These diseases can lead to costly treatments, disability, or even death. Avoid the pain and heartache associated with these diseases by getting your pets vaccinated. At Gaston Veterinary Hospital, our Gastonia veterinary team will make recommendations for your pet’s vaccination schedule that will help protect and preserve their health. We understand that every pet is different, with different needs, lifestyles, and health concerns. We’ll work hard to ensure that your pet’s needs are met with our recommendations.

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Understanding Canine Vaccinations

Every dog has unique health requirements, even if they are the same breed. One dog’s vaccine schedule may include some vaccines that another may not need. Vaccines for dogs are important to keep them healthy throughout their lives. There is a set of core vaccinations that we at Gaston Veterinary Hospital recommend for every dog.

Core vaccines for canines include:

  • Parvovirus: Often deadly to puppies, parvovirus is a highly contagious disease that affects the gastrointestinal and cardiovascular systems. We usually administer this shot in a series of three, starting when puppies are between 6-8 weeks old.
  • Canine hepatitis: This viral disease can cause upper respiratory tract infections and, if left untreated, can spread into the bloodstream. Puppies can be vaccinated against this disease as early as 6 weeks, with a second dose following 2-4 weeks later.
  • Distemper: With no known cure, this viral disease attacks the respiratory, urogenital, gastrointestinal, and nervous systems. Puppies can receive their first vaccination at six weeks old and will need another dose every 3-4 weeks until 16 weeks old.
  • Rabies: Rabies vaccines are one of the few vaccines required by law in most states. The first shot may be administered no earlier than three months of age, with a booster a year later.

Understanding Feline Vaccinations

Cats need vaccines too – just like dogs. Certain feline-specific diseases require specialized vaccines. At Gaston Veterinary Hospital, we specialize in cat care with our onsite cat clinic. Call us today to learn more about our feline-focused care.

Core vaccines for felines include:

  • Panleukopenia: Direct contact with infected animals can spread this virus, which is the leading cause of death among kittens
  • Calicivirus: This virus is often the cause of upper respiratory infections. This disease can also cause ulcers in your cat’s mouth.
  • Rhinotracheitis: Cats can also contract upper respiratory tract infections from other cares because of this virus
  • Feline leukemia virus: Also known as FeLV, this disease is the second leading cause of death in cats

There are many vaccines that our veterinary team may recommend for your cats or dogs that are not included in the lists above. When you bring your pet in to see us, we’ll conduct a full evaluation of your pet’s health, lifestyle, age, and breed. Once we have all your pet’s details in hand, we’ll be able to recommend a vaccination schedule that is based on your pet’s unique needs.

If you have questions about vaccines and your pet, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (704) 251-6692 or contact us online.

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